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  • RP
  • RP

    “Our agent, Jeremy Boor has provided timely info and has been attentive when we needed to change coverage – from renter to owner and when we had to replace a windshield.”

  • JK

    “Blaine was a great help and obtained really great rates. Very helpful in explaining all of the details.”

  • SH

    “Great Customer Service!!”

  • MD

    “Personal attention, timely responses and a real person. And, suggestions that will save us money in the future.”

  • BM

    “Easy to make contact and quick response on whatever was needed. Friendly staff with time to nurture relationship.”

  • “Easy to make contact and quick response on whatever was needed. Friendly staff with time to nurture relationship.”

  • MT

    “I was a first time car owner and needed to get insurance after having experienced an accident. I had so many questions, but my agent, Jeremy, stepped in to answer every one. He and the whole office have been incredibly supportive and responsive since last year. Could not have made it without them! They never turn me away when I want clarity and are really great to work with. I feel like I am in great hands. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new plan.”

  • FP

    “We have been customers for over 25 years. Erie has been with us thru car, house damage & always treated us with respect and superior customer service. I don’t even look around for insurance because I know no one can beat their prices. Once I was hit & my car totaled. Neither of us got a ticket but she ran a red light and I had witnesses. She came back to sue ME. Instead of paying out Erie went to court and we won. Now that’s doing the right thing. I recommend them at every opportunity. ”

  • DK

    “Blaine Hodge has been just great to work with – responsive, great follow up, raises important considerations and answers every question. We’re very appreciative!We’ve already recommended Blaine and your agency to others, thanks!”

  • PH

    “Chad and his team have been great to work with. Always available, always with a quick response to questions or concerns. Happy to recommend Herring and Bickers without reservation.”

  • CP

    “Blaine Hodge is on the ball whenever I have questions. Many Thanks for your help!

  • JS

    “You communicate very well by email and phone. You are very, very knowledgeable. And you seek feedback (like this) in order to improve.”

  • AS
  • AW

    “Herring and Bickers Insurance has provided excellent rates on policies for my home and car for years. I recommend them to friends and neighbors.